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SholdtSholdt design is a family act, a collection that arose out of many years of long hours at the jewelry bench, running a jewelry store, and creating a community of jewelry lovers. The family jewelry business dates back to 1935 Seattle, a time when jewelers made most of the jewelry they sold. Each generation found its way back to the family business after studies and successes in other areas. By the 1980s, the Sholdt jewelry business was becoming more of a rarity - continuing to make its own jewelry on-site in their store, and winning the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Award and the De Beers Diamonds Today Award. By 2007, brothers Brian and Dusty recognized that the jewelry business was changing dramatically — more and more characterized by off-shore mass manufacturing — and they realized that their own design vision could no longer be ignored. Along with Brian's daughter Kalee, they began desgining a collection that could reach beyond the walls of their own store. In 2014, Kalee took over the family business, and continues to run the family store and to produce the Sholdt line. Over 80 years of jewelry mastery has gone into its creation, and their quality and commitment show in every single detail.