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Ovi-Obi Garnet and Diamond Ring by Steve Quick

$6,355.00 Brand: Steve Quick OriginalsSteve Quick Originals

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18k Yellow Gold
Rhodolite = 9.35cts, Diamonds = 0.76cts

We love saying the name of this stone almost as much as we love the piece. In every endeavor there are people who excel. In the world of stone cutting very few people are as respected as Steven Avery and we are lucky enough to have a great relationship with him. A few years ago he was in our store and very excited about showing something he had just finished. As he unwrapped his package we were first struck by the rich color we saw, even though we were not sure what color it was exactly. It was a vibrant deep red, but the overtone was definitely purple. He described it as Grape Garnet which fit perfectly, but what was this cut? This is not a ring for everyone, but nobody ever mistook you for everyone.

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