We believe jewelry is art, and love is everything.

Covid-19 isn't just changing the world for the moment. We believe some things are likely to change for a long time, possibly forever. But good things can come of this too. This experience teaches us to treasure our loved ones more, to learn how to truly be together. To pay more attention to our impact on the earth. 

We are deeply committed to doing the right things for our customers and our community. We're still here to help you celebrate your important milestones. We're making it easy for you to do that, through putting more of your shopping experience online for you, offering video chats to help you as we would in the store, and providing safe, contactless curbside pickups and free local deliveries. In addition, to insure a safe and comfortable shopping experience, we are now open by appointment only.  

If there are other things we can do to make this time easier for you, just let us know. We're all figuring this out together. And together, we can emerge from this crisis a more empathetic, more evolved, community.

Chicagoland's Jeweler

We've been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for Chicagoans since 1986. Our relaxing showroom is bursting with jewelry and gems we’ve collected from around the world. We are excited to share them with you.

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