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Oxidized "Kona" Damascus Band by Chris Ploof

Retail: $751.00 SALE Price! $751.00 Brand: Chris PloofChris Ploof

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Product Details

Damascus Steel

Kona is loosely translated to ‘two seas’. Look closely at this beautiful pattern and you’ll see Kona, two seas meeting in it’s graceful swirls. Yes it’s bold, even more so with the black oxidation, but you’re bold as well.

Damascus Steel rings are made by folding or twisting together 2 different kinds of stainless steel. The process was created to add strength to Stainless Steel metal applications. In your ring it provides that strength along with the imaginative patterning created by the master Chris Ploof. Every ring he makes is a one-of-a-kind custom creation, beautiful and instantly recognizable. Of equal importance to Chris is how his rings feel to the wearer. He developed one of the most comfortable ‘comfort’ fits in the industry. They feel as good as they look. Each Chris Ploof ring is custom made for you and although your ring will look similar to our sample no two of his rings are identical.

  • This ring is stocked in a finger size 10.5
  • Ring shown is 6mm wide with a curved profile and oxidization.  It can be special ordered from 4 to 10mm wide with a flat or rounded profile and with oxidzation or not.
  • Chris Ploof jewelry is handcrafted from pattern-welded metals making each piece one-of-a-kind. Specific details may vary from piece to piece.
  • Please note the published price is for rings sized 10.5 and smaller
  • Product code 148011